5 things to do if you don’t get a London Marathon Ballot place


After 6 months of waiting our collective Gregorian calendar has finally rolled in to October, and in the running community it can only mean one thing, it’s time to get upset about being unsuccessful in the ballot. Fear not though, I have compiled a list of 5 alternative ideas to running 26.2 miles through this nations capital. 

1. Punch a wall

So for the 15th year in a row you got rejected, have you tried writing London Marathon on a wall and proceeded to repeatly punch it? If the prospect of punching a wall is too much for you try screaming Richard Bransons name into a pillow instead. You’ll feel better in no time  


2. Throw scorn at the successful  

Look at them, posting their pictures of their magazines. A magazine which indicates they’re going to have to spend the cold winter mornings getting up early and giving up every episode of Sunday Brunch for the first 4 months of 2019. Grr, Really makes your blood boil doesn’t it! 


3. Use the magazine in an unsavoury manor. 

You don’t want that magazine kicking about the house as a reminder of just how much the random ballot gods dislike you. Maybe try lining a cat litter tray with it! No cat? Never mind, head down to your local sewer and chuck it in there, yeaaaah take that commiserations! 

4. Write a passive aggressive blog about it

Use this moment to get some eyes on your vastly neglected blog! haven’t got one? Start one for this very moment. Nothing is more therapeutic than using words to vent your anger and there is no better time than now! Pro tip, spend so long sat on the loo thinking up ideas that your legs go dead, it really simulates that post marathon feeling.


5. Quit running

It’s bad for your knees anyway!

But really, a huge congratulations to all those who were successful. It might be the only marathon I’ve done but London is by far the best I’ve ran. I look forward to shouting your names from the sidelines next April! Enjoy the journey you’re about to embark on.